About us

Our approach combines the integrity and innovation of journalistic storytelling with the power of search engine marketing. In the process, we help our clients save valuable time and money. We understand that when you want something done well, you need an expert. Legal Content Marketing is what we do because we know it works, when done right.

Lawyers have unique needs when it comes to advertising. We build trust with potential clients or hires by providing consistent, useful information on your website and social media channels. It’s called inbound marketing, search engine marketing or content marketing and it is how top companies are getting their message out these days. Take your off-line reputation into the on-line world. Increase the visibility of your website and the opportunity to be seen as a leader in your field. 

We know you’re busy and we strive to provide an efficient working relationship so that you can focus on what you do best. Our business is based on strong relationships and we maintain a small client base in order to provide personalized, superior service. 

Your clients want authenticity and expertise. We work collaboratively to make sure you are speaking your audience’s language while sounding like the real, professional you. Ready to get started? Get in touch.

Meet our team!


Carrie Swiggum, Principal Consultant

Carrie advises clients on storytelling (aka “content”) for mediums that match the message.

Through her mostly independent journalism career, Carrie built a wide network of extremely talented writers, editors, publishers, videographers, business types, and creative people. Her reporting and production work has been recognized with awards in both Canada and the United States.

Before starting Case Space Media, Carrie was a project manager in a downtown Vancouver law firm and saw how important it was for lawyers to adapt to new realities in communication and advertising.

Carrie loves helping firms stand out and cultivate their personal and professional brands through digital media.

Contributor to CBA/ABC National magazine on legal trends. Member of B.C. Legal Marketers Association. Former UBC Law Innocence Project caseworker.


Farida Hussain, Creative Director

Before taking on the role of Creative Director at Case Space Media, Farida spent seven years within a news team at Microsoft Canada. Their news app was her pet project as an editor—getting breaking news out before competitors and driving user engagement excited her. She also helped the Bing team make their search engine more news-user friendly and wrote catchy tag lines for Microsoft’s rewards program.

Farida holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of British Columbia. News is important to a journalist, but she is more interested in how information is presented and shared. Farida is a web geek at heart, and has spent more hours than necessary surfing the internet, marvelling at well-designed websites and scoffing at poor user interfaces.


Lena Smirnova, Senior Writer

Lena Smirnova is a business and sports reporter with more than 12 years of experience in journalism as a writer, editor, producer and news service manager.

She holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of British Columbia, which she completed with a gold medal. Her career highlights as a sports journalist include covering three Olympic and Paralympic Games, the 2018 FIFA World Cup, two Youth Olympic Games, two Pan and Parapan American Games, the European Games and the Rugby World Cup. Lena has interviewed athletes in English, Russian, French, and Spanish.

As a business journalist, Lena has covered the real estate, retail, environment, marketing and technology beats for English-language publications in Russia. She has also worked as the editor of the environment and arts sections in a daily newspaper.

Lena enjoys learning languages and hopes to say fünftausendsechshundertsiebenundneunzig in under 20 seconds some day.


Ionatan Waisgluss, SEO Technician

Ionatan Waisgluss brings his passion for systems thinking, languages, and effective communication to the company. His skills come from a wide array of work environments, professional roles and life experiences. Ionatan has worked in radio production, print media, science education, ESL instruction, life science research, and waste systems, to name a few.

His hobbies include mountain biking, stand-up comedy, and backgammon. Ionatan is a GSAR certified Search and Rescue volunteer.