Legal Marketing Services

The Booster Pack

Legal Marketing Services - Booster Pack - Case Space Media

We combine three basic marketing services into a powerful digital media package.

The Booster Pack includes search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, and social media for a set, monthly rate.

Together, they make a huge difference for your online presence.

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Legal Marketing Services - Digital Audit - Case Space Media

Digital Audits

We provide a comprehensive analysis of your current digital assets on both the user experience and technical backend to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

Legal Marketing Services - Custom Content - Case Space Media

Custom Content

Our content marketing is all about increasing organic search to your website, building trust with your audience and establishing you as an expert.

Legal Marketing Services - Multimedia - Case Space Media


We know there’s more than one way to tell a story. Mix up your content and engage your audience with videos and podcasts.

Legal Marketing Services - Reporting - Case Space Media


We provide regular reporting to show our clients the progress we’re making and utilize real time data to make editorial decisions.

Legal Marketing Services - Tested - Case Space Media


We pay attention to the latest trends in digital communication but never sacrifice glitz for proven methods.

Legal Marketing Services - Symbiotic - Case Space Media


Think of us as a partner in your firm without the full-time salary. Our success is your success.

Looking for more? Ask us about custom packages!

How It Works

1. Meeting

We start by clarifying your business goals and setting out the scope and timeline.

2. Audit

Planning begins by looking at your current analytics and user experience. Depending on your needs, we’ll perform a comprehensive audit and provide a detailed review and road map to move forward.

3. Align

We set the stage so you’re completely happy with the strategy direction, before implementation.

4. Implement

Now the real fun begins – implementing dynamic and intelligent content to your website, framed with SEO best practices, and shared via social media. Legal marketing at its finest!

5. Reporting

Regular reporting allows us to be nimble and adaptive and watch the web traffic grow.